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April 1, 2015

DIY | How to Cook PERFECT Hard-Boiled Eggs

10 Timeless Tricks

1. Bring your eggs to room temperature for about half an hour before cooking.

2. Cover the eggs with about one inch of cold water. Make sure there's enough room in your saucepan for the eggs to move around.

3. Heat the water until it comes to a rolling boil, then remove the pan from the heat and cover it.

4. For soft-boiled eggs let the eggs cook in the hot water for two to three minutes; yolks are runny, whites are soft.

5. Cook for seven to eight minutes if you prefer the whites to be more cooked, but still want soft yolks.

6. If you want your eggs hard-boiled, let the eggs sit for a full 12 minutes.

7. Drain the hot water and transfer the eggs to a bowl of very cold water. Add ice if desired.

8. To release the pressure in the shell, tap the big end of the egg (where there's an air pocket) onto the countertop so it cracks. Do the same for the pointed end. 

9. Hold the egg under cold running water. Slip your fingers under the thin membrane that separates the shell and egg white and slide off pieces of the shell.

10. Sprinkle your egg with salt and pepper ... and enjoy!

 Source: Adapted from eHow

Images: NouraAlshaye, BarkingCats (Flickr)  

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March 31, 2015

Recipe | Outrageous Lemon Trifle
(with Passionfruit)

A Beautiful & Festive Holiday Dessert

Impress your guests with this outrageous show-stopper! The seven layers from the bottom are ... 
  • Passion Pop mousse
  • lemon cake
  • lemon and passionfruit curd
  • passion jelly
  • chocolate and passionfruit macarons
  • whipped cream with fresh passionfruit
  • mini meringues on top

"Most of the inspiration for this dessert came from a great ... [restaurant] dessert ... which used Passion Pop, the iconic Aussie chick drink. I thought it was a great way to add a hint of nostalgia for our teenage years. It was not surprising that I got my ID checked when I went to buy a bottle of the passionfruit flavoured sparkling wine, they must have thought I was 16 or something. But it was worth it, the passion pop mousse is a delight to eat."—Steph 

Since I can't do this recipe its full justice, I'm going to send you over to Sydney to meet Steph at Raspberri Cupcakes for her complete instructions. As you can imagine, it's a rather intensive labor of love. If you're planning a grand finale for some special friendsand you want to go all out—this is it!

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Two-in-One Citrus Squeezer

Images: raspberri cupcakes (1,2,4,5) Alicia (5) (Flickr)  

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