February 22, 2012

Recipe | Holiday OREO Truffles

"I made oreo balls tonight for my niece's birthday party this weekend. She's having a Minnie Mouse party, so I thought the red would be fitting. The red is I guess a vanilla flavor ... I melted a bag of those red candy [baking] wafers you buy at Hobby Lobby. It's not really chocolate, I don't think....but it's yummy. And cute!"—ladybugbkt @ Flickr

Are They Cookie Balls or Truffles?

Whatever you call them, this confection is for the child in all of us!
If you enjoyed making red velvet cake balls for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, then you’ll love making these easy Oreo cookie balls too. Get your kids
(or grandkids) involved in the kitchen on any Saturday afternoon.

I’m offering three variations on this super easy recipe: red vanilla (above), almond chocolate or dark chocolate. The bright red ones were orginially created for a Disney Minnie Mouse birthday party. So cute! Directions are quoted below the image.


• 1 package of double stuff Oreo cookies
• 8 oz. block of cream cheese
• chocolate almond bark, dark chocolate or
red vanilla baking wafers


Crush the Oreo cookies into very small, fine crumbs. Mix with one block of cream cheese and roll into balls. Melt chocolate in a bowl over hot water, then roll each ball into the chocolate until it's fully coated. Set the Oreo balls on wax paper until chocolate hardens. Try not to eat the entire batch in one sitting!

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Adapted Recipe & Photos: ladybugbkt
(1 & 3) rocknroll_guitar (2) from Flickr


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