February 28, 2011

Four Warming Spices for Winter Baking

Heat Up Your Kitchen ... & Maybe Something Else

Baby, it’s cold outside! In cooking, I’ve been using warming spices in savory dishes like EASY Crockpot Meatball Chili, jasmine rice with peanut sauce, shrimp gumbo, and Indian red curry.

Throughout the winter season, cinnamon rolls and other sweet baked goods call for a quartet of spices that most of us enjoy:

  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • ginger
  • nutmeg

Combined with chocolate cocoa or vanilla (and even orange flavoring) you’re sure to warm the coldest tummy on a frosty day.

Shhhh, medical researchers have discovered that these four scents also have particularly strong aphrodisiac qualities. That’s good news for menopausal wives! Some of the very aromas associated with this chilly season might just heat up more than your kitchen.

Pantry Tip

Ground spices have a shelf life of about one year. For older spices, a good rule of thumb is the nose test. If you can't smell a heady aroma when the jar is opened, the spice will be lacking in flavor too.

I’m getting ready to replace a few of mine. It’s best to shop where they do a high volume of sales so you’re be certain you’re getting fresh, high quality spices. Click here for Revolving Spice Kit.

Photos: RobertWHowington & chotda (Flickr)

Which spicy foods do you enjoy most in the winter?

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